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As part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service, Paramount Power Systems Ltd in Mississauga has created a specifying/sizing software page.
Specifying/sizing software allows you to customize your generator power system. Contact us for more information.


QuickSizeTM is Kohler's generator sizing software including industry leading features, such as the ability to select generators based on voltage dip, frequency dip, and voltage total harmonic distortion. This allows the user to select the generator set that best fits their power requirements. The user can select different type of loads including: Motors, VFDs, UPS, Battery Chargers, Office Equipment, Air Conditioning, Miscellaneous Loads, Lighting, and Medical Imaging Equipment.

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QuickSpecTM is the industry leading system specification writing tool. With a few clicks of the mouse, QuickSpec can output a complete power system specification for generators, transfer switches,
paralleling switchgear and UPS's. QuickSpecTM outputs the specification directly into Microsoft Word for easy editing and customization allowing the user to integrate the power system specification into a complete building specification.

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