Gas Generators in Toronto and All Across Ontario

Are you looking for gas generators in Toronto? At Paramount Power Systems Ltd, we carry a wide range of quality industrial and residential generators. For over 30 years, we have been providing generators sales and rental services to our customers. Our gas generators are not only affordable but also efficient source of backup fuel. If you are planning to replace your existing power backup system with a new one, reach out to us for gas fueled generators.

Protect your critical power applications with the generators that are proven to work, custom-tailored to your specifications and engineered to provide consistent, reliable power. Based in Mississauga, Paramount Power Systems Ltd offers cost-efficient, targeted generator solutions all across Ontario. Unlike "one-size-fits-all" generators, we offer a full line of natural gas Kohler® generators that are designed and rated to work specifically for continuous, prime or standby applications.

Some of the many benefits of Kohler® generators include:

  • Purpose-built solutions ranging from 25 kWto 1300 kW
  • Low-speed, 1800-rpm engines run quietly,offer extended life and provide great fuel efficiency
  • Every size Kohler® gas generator isavailable EPA-certified, ECM-controlled and designed to meet the latestspark-ignited emission requirements
  • Compared to diesel-fueled generators, Kohler® gas generators significantly reduce carbon monoxide and particulate emissions
  • Gas generator sets operate on natural gas as well as a variety of other fuels

Count on us when in need of energy efficient and eco-friendly gas generators in Toronto. You can be rest assured of our prompt and exceptional customer service. We also help you with product delivery and installation. Feel free to reach out to us for more details. Contact the generator technicians at Paramount Power Systems Ltd for more information.

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